About Candice Boucher’s leading modelling school in Pretoria

Whether you are new to modelling or have an established portfolio and presence in the industry, you need a professional coach that can help you take your personal brand, techniques and professionalism to the next level. Candice Boucher, renowned international model, has established a professional model school in Pretoria to meet this need.

Having worked in the modelling industry for many years and across many countries, including Germany, Paris, New York and London, to name a few, Candice knows what it takes for aspiring models to get noticed, get their foot in the door and book the top spots on everything from magazine covers and TV commercials to getting cast in the film industry. 

What our model school in Pretoria can offer you

Candice’s modelling school offers something completely unique and distinct to the local market. Besides being trained by someone who was the face of Guess and has been part of the widely successful Sports Illustrated group of models for many years, you will have a committed coach who wants to mentor you on your journey. When you sign up for a course at our modelling school, you will be getting much more than professional guidance from someone who has experience in the industry. You will be getting a mentor who is invested in your progress towards achieving your personal goals.

Personal training, TV presenting, being camera ready for your next photo shoot and making a mark in the entertainment industry requires dedication, commitment and passion. If you’re reading this, then you already possess these qualities. Your next step is to equip yourself with the industry insights, experience and leadership you need to succeed. Book your course today so we can start our journey together.

Candice in Cannes promoting her Bollywood movie Aazaan

Candice on set for SA Sports Illustrated, the TV special

Candice on set and behind the scenes of a TVC for Bien tiles Turkey



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